Voxel-based multimaterial jetting tuned to the application

We replace conventional manufacturing processes for an endless number of dental and other high end applications. We create and enable functional multi-material applications by fully aligning printing platform, materials and software.


Because the world is not mono color or mono material

Lake3D Printer

Lake3D’s technology is capable of jetting functional products by mixing materials and colors with great precision at the micro level.

Lake3D has a proprietary multi material jetting platform that is fully flexible and can be tuned to the application. Multiple materials are combined offering significant advantages over other 3D printing technologies.

Lake3D’s jetting technology is extremely flexible. The printing process and material formulation can be fully tailored to any specific functional application.

Lake3D Printer

Cutting edge 3D printers

Unique in-house developed printers with fully automated process control from 3D model inputs to in one run jetted 3D products.

Custom 3D products

Custom 3D products can be made with great accuracy and with the right properties, color shades and transparencies.

High quality materials and products

High quality products with unlimited color range and optimal mechanical properties by combining hard and soft materials.

Smart software

Sophisticated voxalization sofware developed by Lake3D determines which droplet with which material should be deposited where.

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HQ & Material development

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Printer development

High Tech Campus 9
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