We are going to change the world by providing 3D printing solutions beyond your imagination

With our unique 3D printing technology we handle industrial grade multi-colored / multi-materials. We replace conventional manufacturing processes for an endless number of high tech and high end applications.



Our founders

René van der Meer

René is an enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious team leader who is always looking for challenges and innovative solutions. His personal slogan: ‘Why walk if you can learn to fly’.

René is a purebred innovator. His latest passion is “making a better world with Multi Material 3D printing”.


Petra Doelman

Petra has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in different industry sectors, both at large corporations and young technology companies.


Klaas Wiertzema

The combination of Klaas’s profound understanding of business processes and his deep knowledge about human behavior makes him extremely successful in motivating people to get the utmost out of themselves and their organisations.


Multi Material Jetting against common 3D technologies

BJ: Binder Jetting

ME: Material Extrusion

MJ: Material Jetting

PBF: Powder Bed Fusion

VP: Vat Polymerization



Multi Material Jetting

Our potential

  • Capable of multi-materials.
  • Full colour.
  • High temperatures.
  • Supporting a wider range of materials (even with the same printhead).
  • Capable of high resolutions.
  • Scalable to large part sizes.

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